Automaxx Referral Program

The Automaxx Referral Program

Want to make some extra cash?  If you know a friend or family member who’s in the market to either purchase or finance a new vehicle, refer them to Automaxx and we’ll give you $500!!  Whether you decide to keep the money to yourself or split it with your friend/family member, that’s up to you!

How It Works:

  • Refer a friend to Automaxx but make sure they let us know they’ve been referred to us upon starting the finance process so that we can add your name to their file.
  • Let us know they’ve been referred as soon as they come in to the dealership to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Once they get the keys, you get the cash!  As soon as they become the new owner of the vehicle, we’ll cut you a cheque for $500!

It’s pretty simple!

There are no limitations on how many people you refer!  That means for every 10 people you refer to us, we’ll put $5,000 in your pocket…just for spreading the word!  Not bad, hey?

You can get a head start now by filling out the form below with both your name and your referral’s name so that we’ve got record of it! 
Once they come into the dealership, have them let us know that you filled out this form and be one step close to making some seriously easy cash!

Get Your $500 Now!

Sales representative and/or management must be aware of any customers referred to Automaxx prior to purchase. 
All referrals must be claimed and picked up within 15 calendar days of the sale of the vehicle. 
Automaxx holds the right to refusal of referral money past 15 calendar days. 
Automaxx is an AMVIC licensed auto retail dealer.